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Billing Issues

How do I become a VIP member?
You may become a VIP member via the Recharge page or by clicking the VIP button found in-game. Make certain to complete all payment information to ensure your subscription.
How do I cancel my VIP subscription?
If you would like to cancel your VIP subscription, please visit the Purchase History page. All VIP subscriptions will appear on this page. Simply click Cancel next to the subscription you would like to cancel.


1. VIP subscription cancellation is only for reoccurring VIP renewals, not single VIP purchases.

2. Once you have canceled your subscription, it will end at the completion of your current billing cycle.

Is the VIP status/balance refundable?
VIP status/balance is strictly not refundable and may not be transferred.
I've been charged but I did not receive my VIP status/balance. What should I do ?

Please make note of the following when encountering this issue:

1. Make certain you selected the correct game and server.

2. VIP statuses in certain games may require some time before they are processed.

3. It is also possible your payment was rejected by one of our payment systems. In this case, you were not charged and your money will be returned. If trying another payment system does not work, please contact us by submitting a ticket. In your ticket, please provide your country and credit card country of origin.

Why are my purchases constantly failing?
AMZGame features many payment systems. If a specific payment method fails, we encourage you to try a different method. In the event that all fail, feel free to contact us by submitting a ticket.
Why was my credit card declined for my purchase?

There are several reasons why credit card payments are rejected. Many may need to be handled directly with your credit card company. It is also possible that your order did not pass our fraud protection measures. We take the safety and security of your account seriously and use very strict measures to prevent abuse and theft of credit card information. If your order has been declined, please try the following steps:

1. Make certain that your account's billing information and address are correct and up-to-date.

2. If you are new to AMZGame, you may have restrictions on how many orders we can accept in a given time period. We suggest you wait 5 business days before making your next purchase. These restrictions lessen over time as you become a regular AMZGame customer.

If your payment is still being rejected, you will need to select a different payment method. You may also contact us by submitting a ticket.


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